iPhone's new Fortnite's 60fps mode tested - and it's a tech milestone

However, the reality is that running the last-gen A11 Bionic flat-out would overheat the device, leading to lower CPU and GPU clocks, severely impacted performance and highly compromised battery life. Epic’s solution is simple then - lock to 30fps and in the process give the device the thermal headroom to stay cool enough to run at peak frequencies.

It’s a completely different ballgame with the A12 Bionic found in the iPhone XS, XS Max and the cheaper but just as capable iPhone XR (which Epic supplied for Fortnite 60fps testing). Epic says that the extra processing power allows Fortnite to complete a frame in the eight to 10ms range, meaning that there’s still plenty of ‘down time’ for the silicon. Apple’s move to TSMC’s new 7nm process also opens up the thermal headroom required to maintain peak clocks.

Imagine a world where Apple was actually seriously interesting in gaming… what might be possible?